Altitude Encoders


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Always working to enhance the quality of new aviation generation systems, Gulf Coast Avionics is proud to offer you the best quality and value avionics altitude encoders on the market. Improve your flight experience today with purchase of an altitude encoder test. This device provides the digitized pressure altitude that the transponder needs. The encoder is connected the same static airline as the altimeter and is wired electrically to the transponder. Fly with piece of mind after purchase of altitude encoder wiring. A machine is only as good as it’s parts and at Gulf Coast Avionics we make sure your avionics parts are the best. The Ack a-30 altitude encoder is one of the popular products in the altitude encoder devices offered to you. With included features such as a quick release mounting track, 4 foot harness, 4 foot static line, installation manual and a three year guarantee, there is no guessing why it is a highly requested product.

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